• How to Cope with Life: 101

    A client recently sent a review through from, a new website I have decided to use to gain feedback from both past and present clients. It's important to review counselling from time to time and when it ends, to ensure my clients feel they have had a positive, encouraging and helpful experience. I thought I would share what "R" had to say:

    Before coming to see Ruth, I had been struggling increasingly with anxiety and low esteem throughout my latter teenage years. It reached the point where it was beginning to damage my relationships with my friends and family, and restrict my ability to do simple everyday tasks, let alone make the big decisions about my future I was having to make at that time. Terrified of change, yet desperately unhappy without truly knowing why, I agreed to try a little counselling (as suggested by a close family member) even though I felt desperately guilty and ashamed of what I deemed to be an excessive expense for a negligible problem.

    I can honestly say, however, that this was one of the best investments I have ever made into my own wellbeing. Although I initially felt unspeakably nervous (sometimes literally), the sense of safety and warmth cultivated within our sessions soon allowed me to open up to Ruth. I was impressed that no element of our discussions ever really seemed pre-scripted; it was very much like any other conversation with a close friend, which allowed us to work out the knots in my mind in a much more natural and, in my opinion, more meaningful way. 

    Having the space to practise considering my own emotions and thought processes was invaluable. I have now became much more capable in recognising irrational fears and thoughts and dealing with them, as well as knowing how to deal with my somewhat erratic emotional states. This has been instrumental in supporting me throughout my first year living away from home at university, and I can honestly say I don't think I've ever felt prouder of who I am. Of course, I'll still have my bad days, but my foundation is much ore stable now, and the tools I have developed with Ruth's help will continue to help me for the rest of life, I am certain.

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